Falkirk Caledonia Choir

Falkirk Caledonia Choir had its origins in a Ladies' Choir in the 1920s, which was conducted by William Gellatly and which became a mixed voice choir, as Falkirk Select Choir. In 1945 the choir was re-named Falkirk Choral Society. In 1954 the choir took part in a week-long Scottish programme as part of the Edinburgh Festival and as a result of this the name was changed to Falkirk Choral Society - The Caledonia Choir. In 1973 the name was changed to Falkirk Caledonia Choir.

After the death of the original conductor, William Gellatly in 1938, James Fyfe, a tenor member of the choir, became conductor until his death in 1972. Robert Wardrope then conducted the choir until 1976 when George Stewart was appointed conductor. In 1981 David Malloch was appointed conductor.


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