Peter Crawford

Peter Crawford (1805-1867) was the son of Andrew Crawford and Isabel Fife. He married Jean Nimmo in 1831.He became a police sergeant in Falkirk

Muiravonside OPR (486/1 Frame 180): Parents Andrew Crawford and Isabel Fife. Baptised 8 December 1805.
Muiravonside OPR (486/2 Frame 392): Peter Crawford of Linlithgow parish and Jean Nimmo of Muiravonside parish, proclaimed 27 January 1831, married 18 February 1831.
Falkirk (479/1 Entry Number 35): Peter Crawford, occupation sergeant police. Married to Jane Nimmo. Died 3 February 1867 8.30pm in Cow Wynd, Falkirk, aged 64 years. Father Andrew Crawford, lawyer and calico printer, deceased. Mother Isabella Crawford MS Fife, deceased. Cause of death: (unreadable first word) Renal and other diseases, long ill, as certified by J Espie, surgeon, Falkirk. Informant William Crawford, son, of Pleasance, Falkirk. Registered on 5 February 1867 at Falkirk. Registrar Thomas Gentles.


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