Falkirk Town Council. Sanitary Inspector

Sanitary Inspectors were appointed by local authorities from the 1850s. Sanitary Inspectors reported on the environmental conditions that affect health , such as sewerage, removal of nuisances, adulteration of food, etc. Falkirk Town Council appointed a Sanitary Inspector from at least 1852. Prior to 1918 responsibility for refuse collection lay with the Roads Surveyor & Cleansing Inspector. By 1921 the departments were re-organised and the Sanitary Inspector was also the Cleansing Inspector (and from 1950 given the new title of Sanitary Inspector and Director of Cleansing). In 1975 the responsibilities were transferred to the Director of Cleansing of Falkirk District Council. The Public Health (Scotland) Act 1897 (60 & 61 Vict., c.38) gave the Local Government Board for Scotland supervisory powers over local authorities with regard to the regulation of medical officers and sanitary inspectors.


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