Bo'ness Harbour Trustees
Bo'ness Harbour Trustees were established under the Twopenny Act in 1744. The Trustees were appointed with power to impose a duty of two pennies Scots...on every pint of ale or beer sold in Bo'ness for the clearing, deepening, rebuilding, repairing and improving the harbour and piers of Bo'ness. The duty was leviable for 25 years, renewed by Act in 1769, 1794, 1816 and 1843. Vacancies were filled by election by the existing trustees. The successive acts gave additional powers to the Trustees to levy rates on commercial premises and dwelling-houses, for the purposes of paying for lighting, cleaning and improving streets and erecting a town clock. The 1843 Act re-named the Harbour Trustees as trustees for the Town and Harbour and set a period of service and a qualification for election and electors.


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