Adam, Alexander

The safe making business was carried on by three generations of the Adam family: Robert (1818-1862), his eldest son, Alexander (1846-1898) and two of Alexander's sons, Alexander (1871-c. 1940s) and John (1876-c.1940s). The business closed when the last retired or died (date unknown)

Family origins: The Adams arrived in Falkirk in 1780. Alexander Adam was a skinner and tanner, and bought premises at Eastburn Bridge, Falkirk in 1788 for use as a tannery. The tanning business was carried on by his sons and grandsons at least into the late 19th century and was known latterly as Walter Adam & Co. Alexander's eldest son was a tanner but emigrated to Holland. He left behind an illegitimate son, Robert Adam, who became a lock and hinge maker and founded what was to become the safemaking business.

1851 Census records Robert Adam as head of household in Back Row; described as hinge and lockmaker 1860 Slater's Directory lists Robert Adams, Howgate under the classification "nail Makers, Iron Merchants" with the extra personal description "locks, hinges, etc" 1861 Census : records Robert Adam as head of household in Howgate, described as locksmith employing 4 men and 4 apprentices 1862

Robert Adam died on 6 June and the inventory of his estate is in the Commissary records on 9 August Cash £5 2s 6d Household furniture, stock in trade, tools £327 19s 6d Credit at Clydesdale Bank 2s 3d Good debts owed to deceased £358 16s 1d Bad debts owed to deceased : £23-15-4, but valued at £1 3s 9d Rents due to him £1 15s 0d Interest due to him 8d Total estate £694 19s 9d

1871 Census : records Alexander Adam as head of household at 3 Howgate, described as master locksmith, employing 6 men and 3 boys 1878 Slater's Directory : lists Alexander Adam, Howgate as "iron & steel merchant, lock & hinge manufacturer, & fire proof safe maker" 1893 Slater's Directory lists Alexander Adam, Howgate as "iron & metal merchants, nail & bolt manufacturers, & fire proof safe maker"


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