Robert Dollar

Businessman (1844-1932) Born in Falkirk, emigrated to Canada aged 14. Worked in a barrel-making factory in Ottawa and then a lumber camp. By age 22 he ran a lumber camp of 50 men, then moved to Michigan to set up his own company, the British Canadian Lumber Company. Moved to California in 1888 and opened a lumber mill. Started a shipping line in 1901. Granted Freedom of Falkirk in 1912. Dollar donated money for the purchase of Dollar Park to the town, as well as money to buy library books, bells for Falkirk Old Parish Church, fountain in Victoria Park. Robert Dollar financed Falkirk's first free library which opened in 1888. It was sited in the Y.M.C.A. on the corner of New Market Street and Glebe Street, and remained the town's library until a new building opened in 1902. He also donated the money for the construction of Falkirk Public Baths. The saga of Falkirk's public baths was a long one beginning in 1905 when Robert Dollar decided to donate a sum towards their construction. The money was eventually diverted to buying Dollar Park and Mr Dollar's money was never used for its original purpose. The baths were eventually opened in 1932 in the Pleasance, 27 years after Robert Dollar made his offer. He also donated a set of bells for Falkirk Parish Church in 1926. The Dollar chimes consisted of 13 bells, the largest of which weighed 3000 lbs. The dedication of the bells was conducted by Rev. Alexander Loudon.


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