James Russel (snr)

James Russel became a law apprentice with James Aitken, solicitor in Falkirk and after Aitken died, Russel formed a business alliance with Aitken's son, Henry Aitken, in 1818, bringing the law firm Russel & Aitken into existence.

James Russel was the eldest son of James Russel of Blackbraes (b. 1748) and Margaret Russel,(daughter of James Russel of Bentifaulds). He was appointed Town Clerk for Falkirk following the Reform Act of 1832. On his father's death in 1823 he inherited the firm of James Russel & Son, coal and ironmasters.

He married Catherine Crawford (daughter of John Crawford, merchant, Falkirk) in 1813 and they had two sons and six daughters. The elder son, James Russel of Blackbraes and Arnotdale (1817-1860) took over the coal and iron business while the younger son, John Russel of Mayfield, joined the firm of Russel & Aitken.

Ref: Love, Notes & Queries Vol 3 pp180-181
Love, Notes & Queries Vol 1 pp343-346


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