Stirling County Council

Stirling County Council was set up in 1889 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889 and abolished in 1975 by the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1973. Its powers were transferred to Central Regional Council and to Falkirk District Council and Stirling District Council. County councils were established by the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889 (52 & 53 Vict., c. 50). County councils were made up of elected councillors and took over powers from the commissioners of supply, county road trusts, and local authorities set up under the Diseases of AnimalsÂ’ Acts. They also took over some administrative powers from the justices of the peace but not their licensing or judicial powers. The responsibilities of the commissioners of supply for police matters were transferred to standing joint committees made up of commissioners of supply and county councillors. Parochial boards who had been responsible for duties under the Public Health Acts had such powers transferred to district committees of county councils. The 1889 Act made it compulsory for county councils to appoint full time county medical officers of health and sanitary inspectors. Further reform of county councils came in the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1929 (19 & 20 Geo. V, c. 25). The 1929 Act changed some of the functions of county councils and set up a system of district councils which had certain functions assigned to them by the county council. County councils were abolished in 1975 by the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1973 (c. 65). The powers of county councils were transferred to regional councils and district councils.


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