Thomas Miller

The Rev. Thomas Mille (1859-1941) was minister of High Bonnybridge Church, Bonnybridge and was also a keen local historian and an active member of Falkirk Natural History and Archaeological Society, writing articles on local history for the Falkirk Herald. His senior school and university education occurred in Edinburgh and Glasgow. He then went to Canada where he was catechist in the Canadian Presbyterian Church at Rockville, Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia from 1891 to 1893, and he was licensed and ordained in Canada in 1895. He returned to Scotland some years later, and was admitted by the General Assembly in 1914. He had a number of short-term appointments in Kirkwall St Magnus, Alloa, Fyvie and Alvah Churches in the next few years, before he was appointed to Bonnybridge, a United Free Church charge, in 1921. On the Union of the United Free Church with the Church of Scotland in 1929, the charge became High Bonnybridge St Helen's, and Rev. Miller remained the minister until his death. Rev. Miller carried out much research into legal and local history in his spare time, with a particular emphasis on the preparation of an edition of the protocol book of Sir James Darow(1469-1484), left uncompleted at his death


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