Falkirk Trinity Evangelical Union Church
Trinity Evangelical Union Church, Falkirk was established in 1871. The first Evangelical Union Church in Falkirk was the Bank Street congregation of the Rev Alexander Rutherford, 1843-1847. (see separate entry) This congregation split in 1847 and the Rutherford faction remained in the Evangelical Union Church and in 1856 the congregation was closed. There was an attempt to revive the congregation as an Evangelical Union mission charge from 1857-1859 but the congregation closed again. In 1871 the Evangelical Union Church set up a new mission charge in Falkirk and Falkirk Evangelical Union Church was established in 1874, meeting in the old Baptist Chapel in the Howgate. The Meeks Road building was erected in 1892. In 1897 the Evangelical Union and the Congregational Church united. Some of the congregation at Meeks Road entered the union and retained the church building but the majority of the congregation followed the minister, the Rev Robert W Jackson, into the Church of Scotland to form St Modan's Church. The name "Trinity Evangelical Union Church" was in use by the 1890s.


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