James Hosie

James Hosie was a Grocer's apprentice in Redding and then became a Grocer in Falkirk. Then he moved to Bathgate and ran mineral workings at Balhardie. In 1861 he was appointed Manager of Oakley Iron Works near Dunfermline. He also owned a foundry at Bathgate. He died (intestate) as a result of a railway accident on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway Co. and the pointsman charged with culpable homicide. Hosie's widow raised proceedings against the Railway Co for £10,000. This was eventually settled for £4,250. She appears to have been married before to James Schaw (Surgeon in the Royal Navy) who resided in Falkirk. her maiden name was Bathfield. Mr Schaw died 1841 and by this time he had a son, James, and a daughter, Jane. There are papers relating to Mrs Schaw of Headswood (Denny) - possibly Mr Schaw's Mother.


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