"Julian at Denny, 15th Oct. 1918."

Production date
15 Oct 1918
View of a First World War tank in Broad Street. A soldier is standing on the side firing position and behind him a group of civilians are standing on the main part of the tank. A small crowd has gathered and a woman and child are at an opened first storey window. Behind the tank is Pringle the newsagent and a bookbinder. The poster advertises 'War Savings Certificates Sold Here'.
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Production date
15 Oct 1918
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In 1918 a British tank called "Julian" was taken on a tour of the country as a fund raising scheme, designed to help the war effort. The idea was for people to throw money into the 'tank bank' or to buy National War Bonds and War Savings Certificates from the tank to raise money for the war against Germany. Julian visited a number of places in the Falkirk area, including Denny and Grangemouth.
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