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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P44338 P44338
Bo'ness Harbour
Early 20th Century
P14431 P14431
"Grangemouth Docks. Loading coal - two hoists to each steamer"
Pre May 1907
P14418 P14418
"Overhaul to dock gates" Grangemouth
07 Aug 1954
Munn Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P14547 P14547
SS Empire Drury in Grangemouth Docks.
Dec 1944
P14536 P14536
Empire Islander in Grangemouth Docks
Aug 1943
P14543 P14543
Empire Mull in Grangemouth Docks
Aug 1944
P03044 P03044
Ship in Grangemouth Docks
(Mid 20th Century)
P14525 P14525
Empire Hearth in Grangemouth Docks
May 1942
P14564 P14564
SS Thisbe on sea trials
Sep 1947
P14526 P14526
Empire Arthur
May 1942
P12445 P12445
SS Avon in Grangemouth Docks
Circa 1900
P15691 P15691
Port Etienne discharging bitumen, 1954
26 Jun 1954
P02044 P02044
Propeller tube from cargo ship "Jamaica Planter" in Carriden shipbreaking yard
(Early 20th Century) {nd}
P44552 P44552
SS Pulganbar
P44606 P44606
Red and black ship at Grangemouth docks
P44623 P44623
Ship 'Amalie Essberger' at Grangemouth docks
P44634 P44634
Ship 'Haskerland' at Grangemouth docks
P44641 P44641
Russian ship at Grangemouth docks
P44642 P44642
Saguenay Line ship at Grangemouth docks
P44648 P44648
Ship 'Coral Islands' at Grangemouth docks
Jun 1970